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Chat with your peers and gain insights from the financial markets communities that matter to you most. Whether you are an FX trader in Asia or a Portfolio Manager in Europe, there is a community already here for you to join.


In fact, we offer a number of regional, asset-class specific editorial forum communities, focused on emerging markets, foreign exchange, energy and equities. See Reuters News staffs’ live commentary on all the major talking points and hear real-time views from our analysts, gain critical insights on key market news and the widest range of views from industry experts.


This is bolstered by our flagship editorial community, the Global Markets Forum, a leading global and cross-asset class community. Covering a broad range of macroeconomic issues, Global Markets Forum is an innovative, private community designed for financial markets professionals around the globe. The forum is managed by experienced Reuters journalists – it is a live stream of the most important news and ideas driving markets across the board.


Check out the up to date topics, events & LiveChat with our featured guests: GMF Week Ahead (pdf)


Why join the Thomson Reuters editorial forum communities


Seek editorial moderation and unparalleled access:

  • See real time messages and participate in live discussions in the community chat forum
  • Moderated, managed and supervised by experienced Reuters editorial staff
  • Real time key stories, hand-picked by top Reuters editors
  • Exclusive access to our editors’ first-class global contacts


Find new sources of market insight:

  • Real-time views from elite guest speakers including industry thought leaders in the financial markets, Reuters newsroom staff, policy directors, and academia
  • Hear peer opinions and voice your own thoughts through interactive discussion with Thomson Reuters’ in-house analysts and content subject matter experts
  • Access to the weekly calendar to view the topics, events and upcoming guests


Connect with new networks:

  • Discover and connect with other financial market professionals around the globe
  • Network with new contacts and find out who has the best ideas and interact with them directly
  • Reach-out to our Editorial staff inside the forum or via a one-on-one conversation


How Thomson Reuters Customers can participate


The Thomson Reuters editorial communities run on Eikon Messenger, available as a standalone service at no charge or through Thomson Reuters Eikon – our desktop application.


Moderated & supervised


Reuters editorial-led forums are carefully moderated community forums led by a Reuters editor or analyst. The forums are invitation-only and participants from many banks and organizations have joined them because they have a critically important ingredient – active management by trusted members of Reuters editorial staff. Our editors maintain a constant presence, ensure that the conversation is both interesting and civilized, and have the power to exclude those who do not meet the standards of behavior that we expect. While the forums are designed to be interactive, it is possible for users to be granted read-only access.